• Two jars of the new sweet spread granola butter, that is high in fibre, vegan, has no palm oil, gluten free and nut free. Step aside Nutella and Biscoff.

    Fancy something sweet, that balances indulgence with a twist of healthfulness? Something you can enjoy at any time of the day, and adds excitement to your snacks and meals… Something that is sustainable and prioritises the environment… But most of all, something that tastes heavenly and irresistible… Introducing Granola Butter Co.

  • Porridge bowl topped with crunchy granola butter and blueberries. A jar of Crunchy Granola Butter and a transparent cup of coffee are next to the breakfast bowl.

    Where it began

    Granola Butter Co was born from the inspiration to create a sustainable product that challenges the way we think about food; We want to deliver on quality and flavour, without destroying the planet… because that’s not cool. 

  • Our farmers smiling in front of their tractor. They grow our oats on a British farm, next door to where they're turned into granola.
  • Say hello to the farmers who grow our oats on a British farm, next door to where they're turned into granola! We source our ingredients from local British farmers and manufacture here in the UK, and only import ingredients that cannot be grown in the UK and have no direct British substitute. Granola Butter is purely plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, high fibre, and no palm oil product – phew! Plant-based diets can reduce CO2 emissions by 50%, so not only are you doing good by your gut, but you’re also doing good by the planet.

Help us spread the word (get it!) that food shouldn’t cost the planet.

A pink spoon swirling the gluten free and high fibre smooth granola butter in the jar.

Did you know?

Did you know that more than 90% of UK adults don’t get enough fibre? We know, shocking right! Thanks to the oats and flax seed in our secret recipe, Granola Butter is high in fibre, making it a great way to add this into your diet. Looking after your gut is one of the most effective ways to enhance overall health and well-being, and our aim is not to just help the environment, but to help you and your gut!

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Not just for breakfast 

Granola Butter is super versatile, and the possibilities are endless for you to get creative during mealtimes. Check out our recipe page for mouth-watering inspiration…

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